I’ve been a drummer for 32 years and my favorite drum dealer used to be Jack’s Drum Shop in Boston before they closed their doors in 2008. Since then I have had to resort to big chain

stores and soon realized how much I missed that personal touch when it comes to dealing directly with people who are not only experts in their field but who care a great deal about each individual customer.

I found The Music Complex via a Craigslist advertisement. I bought my Gretsch Renown Maples from your store after being informed  how well crafted they are and how great they sound. Upon visiting the store and playing them for myself, I was sold. Not only are you guys knowledgeable about this particular drum set, but spent nearly 30 minutes on the phone telling me all about them.

Your store has also turned me on to Protection Racket drum cases as well as other cool new drum products. You reply to all my emails in a matter of minutes and I’m simply stunned by how friendly the entire staff is. I highly recommend The Music Complex to all my musician friends. I’ll happily drive 40 minutes to The Music Complex RI even though I have one of the big box chain stores less than 10 minutes from my house.

Chris Georgenes, Wellesley Ma, Drummer for One Moe Time