Music Lessons and Classes

We offer lessons for all types of instruments and all styles of music.


We welcome students of all ages.

Both Smithfield and Pawtucket locations offer Private lessons on most instruments at all levels. We also have classes for music theory, performance, composition and recording. All lessons are taught by professionally trained – performing musicians with music degrees. Parents or others accompanying students can take lessons with student for no extra charge if wanted. We also offer to every student free periodic recitals. Get experience performing with other musicians, and show off what you learn in your lessons at a real local music venue. All family and friends are invited to watch. We teach our students learning skills and confidence.

Now offering one on one private lessons in Popular recording platforms; Pro tools, Garage band and logic. All skill levels from beginner to advanced. Classes are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday  nights. Price is $40.00 per hour. Call, stop in, or email to schedule a time.

Check out The Music Complex’s “Rudy’s Rock and Jazz school Programs”. Our two month course gives you  real experience of playing, performing and recording in a real rock band supervised by one of our professional performing staff members.

And Now. “Rudy’s Jazz school” Play jazz standards with a real jazz group. Solo and chord comping on standard jazz tunes from the “Real Book” . At the end of the 8 weeks you record in our studio and go home with a disc of you playing jazz. One of our staff members will run the sessions and be there to coach you along. You learn by doing. Call us today to get started.

Another cool class we offering in ” Rock vocal harmony” If you can sing harmony, you are twice as valuable in any group. Learn the basics of harmony and vocal technique with one-on-one lessons to bring above the fray. If you already sing or never have sung before. This is a must for everybody!!!

Our newest program is going to be a hit:

The Music Complex RI “Jam Sessions”

Our Jam Sessions are a lot of fun, and they’re EASY to be a part of! For students who are interested, we help them prepare the song(s) that will be performed and we place students together into bands. Then on the evening of the Jam Session, students get to show up and perform as a part of a band – in a fun, supportive environment.

They are an excellent way for students to enjoy the thrill and energy of playing in a band, while learning to work together as musicians. Playing as part of a group is one of the best ways to instill confidence, grow as a musician, and stay motivated to improve your skills! Many students don’t have the opportunity on their own to play as a part of a band. But with our Jam Sessions, we make it easy for students do just that! There is a “living, breathing” aspect to music that is really experienced as students play together!

These Jam Sessions can be a great learning experience and they are open to all of our students! We intentionally choose songs that have good teaching elements, as well as those that will allow a variety of skill levels and instruments a chance to participate and shine. We may do any variety of songs – ranging from Clasasic Blues tunes to Classic Rock to Contemporary music and more! The songs may fall directly within a student’s current musical interests, or they may open the student to an artist or genre that they otherwise wouldn’t have sought out. We’re always open to students’ suggestions and requests as well! Our Jazz Jam sessions concentrate on Jazz Standards from “The Real Book”

Jam Sessions are also a great way to meet other students, and to build relationships with people who share many of the same interests and goals. The audience is composed of other students and family members – this makes for a really great, supportive environment for students. There’s a sense of unity and community that is developed as students perform together in these events! In addition, when students have performances like these to prepare for, there is an intrinsic motivation that comes into play, and propels them to excellence.

Jam Sessions offer a great opportunity to play as a part of a band, to meet other students with common interests, and to build a sense of community.

We typically schedule our Jam Sessions about 2 to 4 weeks in advance; this allows everyone who wants to participate the time to learn and prepare the specific song(s) that the bands will perform. Anyone who is interested in participating just needs to let their instructor know, and look on the schedule to see the details of upcoming sessions..

There is a $20 fee per student who registers to participate Call us at (401) 729-1860 in Pawtucket or (401) 949-1060 in Smithfield or stop in to register.

Our Teaching staff

  • Bruce Hagist- Guitar, Bass, Piano and saxophone.
  • Fred DelGizzo- Piano, Guitar and voice. Berklee College of Music and URI Music Education/Performance
  • Sean Winbourne-Guitar, Vocals, ukulele, many other instruments
  • Peter Keller-Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, and Piano.
  • Greg Varatta- Drums and percussion
  • Rob Champagne-Drums and Percussion
  • Rudy D’Agostino – Advanced Rock Guitar. Rock Vocals. Beginner to advanced Theory.
  • James Lyle-Guitar, Electric and upright bass, Banjo and Ukulele
  • Jon Gonsalves-Computer recording specializing in Digital performer, Pro tools, Garage Band and Logic. other platforms are offered as well.
  • Jessica Sanzi- Clarinet, Saxophone, piano, Childrens intro to music (highly recommended for toddlers)
  • Tom D’Agostino- Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin and most other stringed things.
  • Ben Polito- Drums, Guitar, Bass.
  • Deb Keeling- Violin, Chelo, Drums,  and Guitar.
  • Tim Bachelor- Guitar
  • Helena Dittman – Vocal teacher (Classical and contemporary), Piano.
  • Nate DeAngeles- Piano (advanced classical)

Private lessons are $20.00 per 1/2 hour. Lessons paid bi-weekly or monthly in advance. Class prices vary depending on the class.